Participation in the auction is subject to prior registration of the prospective purchasing customer, who must fill in the pre-auction form to compete. Each probable buyer is issued a numbered pallet that will be shown to the batter when he wins a lot.

International Art Sale srl has the full faculty of not accepting the offer in the room of the person who has no numbered pallet and even those who have been reluctant to participate in his auctions for reasons of past accounting defaults.

The auction may also be a telephone call if the buyer has completed, at least 12 hours before the start, the relevant form to be contacted by International Art Sale srl for the required lots.




International Art Sale srl for each lot contains a minimum and maximum sales value, which does not in any way determine the purchase value. These values are to be regarded as indicative, as they are possible for review.


Weight of gemstones


The International Art Sale srl declares that weights of gems are estimated by means of measurements made on the precious ones without removing the buds and that the values reported may not be accurate, unless otherwise specified.


Conditions of watches


The International Art Sale srl guarantees the movement of the wrist and pocket watches only, but does not guarantee occult defects, replacement of movement elements, quadrangular rifles and crates, unless otherwise specified.


Jewels and watches


The International Art Sale srl analyzes and estimates free of charge, the goods to be included in their auctions.

Performs third party account jewelry for Balance Use

It offers customers the possible gemological analysis of the main gems in their possession, to enhance the diamonds, rubies and sapphires. Classify the diamonds and determine the geological backgrounds and any color gems treatments.