Important information for wine buyers

The conditions of the bottles can be seen from the photos and from the filling levels according to the following criteria. It is possible to request a more detailed condition report on the condition of each lot.

Bear in mind that corks over 15/20 years could lose elasticity and in some cases could yield, even after the award of the bottles, during or after the shipment of the lots.

The lots of wines, spirits and liqueurs awarded cannot be returned.

Finally, all bottles are sold "as seen and liked".


Bottle/s (bt/bts)                              0,75 lt (if lower it si written)

Magnum                                            1,5 lt

Rehoboam                                         4,5 lt

Matusalemme                                   6 lt


Base of neck or higher, standard level:             “-

Very top/top shoulder:                                         “1” (Normal level for wines over 5 years of age)

Shoulder:                                                                   “2” (Normal level for wines aged from 10 to 20 years)

Mid shoulder/low shoulder:                               “3” (Level not infrequent for wines over 20/25 years of age)



The vintage of the wines

Where it was possible, the superior quality of the vintages of some Doc, Docg and Aoc wines (for the French) were noted. Sources: consortia of various wines and other private documents of serious reliability. In Italy the consortia judges the vintages in stars (from 1 to 5) and consequent judgements. For these particular mentions, only the vintages marked by 3 stars (Excellent), 4 stars (Great) and 5 stars (Excellent or Exceptional) were taken into consideration. French bottles are judged on ten levels instead of five, levels 5 and 6 were equated to 3 stars (Excellent vintage); 7 and 8 to 4 stars (Great vintage); 9 and 10 to 5 stars (Excellent or exceptional vintage). And the other vintages? Although, perhaps, judged mediocre, it must be kept in mind that the good producer is still able to obtain good or even excellent wines with various precautions, such as the further reduction of the yields per hectare and the number of bottles.