The partecipation to auction is subordered to the previous registration of the possible
purchaser, who should fill in the partecipation form before the auction to enter into competition.
Each possible buyer is gifted with a numbered shovel which should be showed to the
auctioneer at the acquisition of a lot.

The International Art Sale srl has full faculty to reject the bid in hall by people unprovided
with numbered shovel and by people warned not to participate to its own auctions.
The partecipation to auction may also be via telephone, if the buyer has filled in, at least 12
hours before the beginning, the appropriate form to be contacted by the International Art
Sale srl about the requested lots.


The International Art Sale srl shows an own valuation for each lot, ranging between a
minimum and a maximum price, which do not anyway affect the purchasing value. Such
valuations are to be considered only indicative, as they are liable to be revised.

Weights of gems

The International Art Sale states that the weight of gemstones are estimated and are therefore
to be considered as indicative.

Colored gemstones

The International Art Sale states that the colored gems without certification, may have
undergone treatment designed to improve their appearance.

Conditions of watches

The International Art sale warrants for wristwatches and pocket watches only the working of
movement, but does not vouch for hidden defects, substitution of mechanical elements, dial
and case, unless differently specified.

Jewels and watches

The International Art sale analyses and estimates free of charge the goods aimed to be
included in its own auctions.
It carries out expertises on jewels on behalf of a third party to Patrimonial use.
It suggests to customers the gemmological analyses of their most important gems, at least
to emphasize diamonds, rubies and sapphires.

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